The ancient race of giants dwindles. Their wisdom is all but forgotten, powerful kings of old dead, and their once proud, great cities lie in ruin, slowly consumed by time and elements. Betrayed by humans – their former friends and allies – nowadays enslaved giants serve as workers and terrible machines of war, used by humans to expand their vast domains.

But the time of reckoning is nigh. As a runaway giant slave, accompanied by your fellow human convict, you will carry your wrath, anger and lust for revenge to the oppressor’s settlements. Reclaim your right to freedom, find what happened with your enslaved kin, smash your enemies and be the spark of the Giant’s Uprising!


Become a powerful, fearless giant who crushes everything that stands in his way.

Terrify and stand ankle-deep in blood. Show people who the most powerful giant out there is

Discover an emotionally gripping tale of two outcasts- Rogbar and Kiełbasa. Help them to revenge, raise an Uprising and rescue the Giants.

Conquer your foes in challenging battles. Use primitive weapons and elements of the environment.

Feel pure pleasure from extremal destruction. Make sure to flatten every single building in the village or castle.


Games from a different perspective

The VARSAV Game Studios team consists of 40 young and talented developers specializing in creating games offering “a different perspective.” The team does this by introducing to the player a unique main character perspective in the game, previously unexplored in other games. The studio’s first game was Bee Simulator, which launched in November 2019 on PC and consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) simultaneously. Bee Simulator was also the first Polish game published exclusively on the Epic Store.

The studio is currently working on their next game – Giants Uprising – and is finishing pre-production for another project under a working title ARIA. Varsav Game Studios is also an investor in Ovid Works (with recently released Metamorphosis) and two start-up studios – Mooneaters and Perimeter Games and a publisher and co-developer of Brazilian 3D adventure platformer – The Path Of Calydra.

Find out more: www.varsav.com


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