After centuries spent sleeping, you are awaken to take back what is yours and save your race. And when the opportunity occurs, revenge on those, who profaned their honor and broke the promise.



Among the mountains, there lived the odd horde
The horde which deep rivers crossed like a ford
When tallest trees at its feet were falling
The birds fell silent, the dogs stopped wailing
Everyone living, kept hundred miles distance
Scary to mention about their existance
There was no men, there was no god neither
Bold enough to stand against their leader
But in man kind, in every nation
Some fools can bring the extermination…


Games from a different perspective

VARSAV Game Studios is a game development studio founded in 2017. We develop and publish video games for PC and consoles. Our team consts of 40 young, talented specialists who have gained their experience in companies like: Vivid Games, CI Games, The Farm51 Group, Bloober Team and Flying Wild Hog.
The studio’s specialization is games from a different perspective, showing the player a unique perspective of the main character, previously unknown in other games.

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