Fact Sheet

About: Be the Giant you always wanted to be!
Developer: VARSAV Game Studios S.A.
Release Date: 2020
Publisher: VARSAV Game Studios S.A.
Platforms: PC
Availability: Digital download
Website: GiantsUprising.com
Press Contact: GiantsUprising@varsav.com
Social: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram


Giants Uprising is a fantasy hack ’n’ slash game full of Giants and unlimited destruction! Take on the role of a powerful Giant who finally breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the ruthless human race. Crush, destroy, and massacre everything you encounter along the way. Terrify and destroy in Smash Mode. Buy weapons, armor, and amulets with in-game currency, upgrade your equipment, and continually increase your skill level to put an end to the way humanity is exploiting your race once and for all! Use your fists, clubs, hammers, stones and brass knuckles. Crush people with the strength of your mighty blows. Raze settlements, villages, and towns to the ground. Take revenge on the selfish human race for years of slavery!


  • Feel what it’s like to be a powerful, fearless Giant who crushes everything that stands in his way;
  • Terrify and destroy in Smash Mode, and show people who the most powerful Giant out there is;
  • Pimp your gear consisting of hammers, clubs, cudgels, and knuckle-dusters to increase your chances against the humans;
  • Collect the in-game currency needed to buy more advanced equipment;
  • Collect the raw materials and diamonds needed to improve your equipment and skills;
  • Discover a fantastic medieval world enriched with an atmospheric soundtrack!


The VARSAV Game Studios team consists of 40 young and talented developers specializing in creating games offering “a different perspective.” The team does this by introducing to the player a unique main character perspective in the game, previously unexplored in other games. The studio’s first game was Bee Simulator, which launched in November 2019 on PC and consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) simultaneously. Bee Simulator was also the first Polish game published exclusively on the Epic Store.

The studio is currently working on their next game – Giants Uprising – and is finishing pre-production for another project under a working title ARIA. Varsav Game Studios is also an investor in Ovid Works (with recently released Metamorphosis) and two start-up studios – Mooneaters and Perimeter Games and a publisher and co-developer of Brazilian 3D adventure platformer – The Path Of Calydra.



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